NIPROS products are produced by NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM in Japan

Both for HD&4K production, exciting features are for now & future !!

What specifications are ideally requested for today's high-end optical fiber system?

Here is the answer. After deep investigation of advanced HD production and the 4K production, LS-750 & LS-850 have been developed with the most innovative features.

This flagship optical fiber transmission system can transmit 4K pictures (either 3840/60P or 4096/60P) coming from 4 x 3G-SDI. And also one more 3G/HD-SDI signal can be transmitted simultaneously which can be quite useful for the monitoring system integration. Because LS-750/850 can transmit all of ancillary data and metadata on SDI standard, any type of 4K/HD/SD camera can be connected with the innovative system.

It means, this system is not only for 4K, but it is actually very flexible system which can work as 5 x HD (50P/60P) cameras transmission system.

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Variety interfaces to build practical system

For making "practical" system, LS-750/850 can transmit the following signals which are mandatory or quite useful for the system integration.

One of remarkable feature is IP communication capability, which is getting more important to control some of advanced accessories.

By having variety and flexible interfaces, LS-750 / 850 can work not only with current cameras, but should work also with the future cameras so that this system can be usable for longer years to prevent vain investment.

Powerful Power Supply Capability via a SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Cable

All signals between LS-750 camera adaptor and LS-850 base station can be transmitted in a SMPTE Hybrid Fiber cable with power supply for the camera and accessories. The possible power supply capability is Max.60W for LS-750/850, but it can be up to 300W for LS-750GT/850GT high power model.

24V & 12V Power Supply from LS-750GT/850GT

Further more, in case of LS-750GT/850GT, 24V output can be possible from the camera adaptor with enough power capacity. It will be very convenient for several type of cinema accessories and camera itself, so that this fantastic fiber transmission system will be welcome not only for live production companies, but also for Cinema or Drama production to create more active scenes.