NIPROS products are produced by NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM in Japan

PS-270HD / PS-270RHD : Camera Adaptor for Handy-type camcorder

PS-470HD / PS-470RHD : Camera Adaptor for Shoulder-type camcorder

PS-570HD / PS-570RHD : Optical Base Station


HD/SD-SDI Single Link & Bidirectional, Fiber Optic camera conversion system

1. Transferable signal with the single link system are;

2. Extendable max. distance between camera adaptor and base station is up to 2 km.

3. Support embedded audio

4. Broadcast quality video & audio

5. Signal error detection

6. Robust, high performance & versatile functions

7. Camera signal can be adjusted with camera remote control unit from Sony or Panasonic.

8. V-mount battery operation (PS-470HD / 470RHD)

9. AC/DC operation (PS-470HD / 470RHD)

10. Long-time operation with low-power consuming circuit for field production.