NIPROS products are produced by NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM in Japan

Safety! Easy! Robust! The most popular wired professional intercom in Japan

Model nameDescription
FD-400APortable unit with a single-ear, "closed type" headset.
FD-400A/SPortable unit with a single-ear, "open type" headset.
FD-400A/DPortable unit with a double-ears, "closed type" headset.
FD-400A/NPortable unit without supplied headset.

"Wired" isn't worse than "Wireless" always, which depends on the location and applications. "Wired" has many benefits as no interference is happened and no frequency allocation work is required. Therefore, this FD-400A (and previous model FD-300A) are so popular in Japan for several type event & filming operations.

Actually, it is very easy to use FD-400A without any difficulty. More than 2 units (up to ten) of FD-400A can be simply connected with normal BNC cable even without the base station, so that all operators can talk at the same time with each FD-400A. FD-400A can be operated with normal AA batteries for more than 200 hours so that operators don't need to worry about the power supply even for 2 weeks long event.

The body of FD-400A is very compact and robust, and FD-400A has the Tally/Call LED and Tally signal output features, which can work with FD-900S base-station, so that FD-400A and FD-900S system is useful for the multi camera operation.

The BNC connection way is very flexible, either of cascade connection or star type connection, or even mix style of these can be possible. The total length of BNC cable can be up to 2km so that most of application can be covered.

Cascade type connection

Star type connection