NIPROS products are produced by NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM in Japan

The best partner for FD-400A to build Intercom & Tally system for simple multi-camera system.

The FD-900S is the base station for FD-400A as a part of the BNC connection intercom system. It has some of very useful functions especially for building multi-camera & multi operators shooting.

There are five groups with a FD-900S, and max. 8 units of FD-400A can be connected per each group.

While connecting FD-400A to FD-900S, the power of FD-400A is supplied from FD-900S instead of internal AA batteries of FD-400A, although the total length of BNC cable is limited up to 500m.

For example, while Group-1 & 3 are selected by the front panel of FD-900S, FD-900S and all FD-400A units which are connected to these groups can talk each other. And the program audio sound can be mixed into the selected line.

Another useful feature of FD-900S is the tally output function to the TA-10A tally unit through the FD-400A portable pack.

Up to five tally signals (the closed contact = L means Tally ON) can be input into the D-SUB connector of FD-900S, and the tally signal can be transmitted to one of FD-400A group and then the LED of TU-10A can be turned on.

By having these unique features, the BNC wired intercom & tally system can be easily configured with any type of camera / camcorders, so that multiple camera shooting can be realized with the most affordable cost.