NIPROS products are produced by NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM in Japan

The real Professional Prompter

"Vision Proof Glass" with the ultra low distortion

HDP series prompter have high quality half mirror which was made of "Vision Proof Glass". "Vision Proof Glass" is specially ordered to make the real professional prompter and it has significant low distortion characteristic which is very important to be used with HD or 4K camera.

Fit to a variety of cameras & camcorders

From the top end studio camera to handy type camcorders, HDP series prompter can be fit to a variety of cameras and camcorders. The supplied slide rail has the ability to adjust the balance position widely so that the stress of the tripod can be minimized.

Multi signal inputs

HDP series prompters can accept many types of input sources which include HD-SDI, HDMI, analogue composite video and PC VGA signals.

(Option) Large Clock and Program Monitor

As the real professional studio monitor, HDP-2000ST can optionally equip the large clock display and 18-inch program monitor. These are considered as mandatory feature as the studio prompter.