PROTECH produces the original camera which we highly recommend with confident!

This camera bag is more stronger than NIPROS-7.

We choose the particular material to make it robust but also lightweight.  Not only the material but also the sewing is made firmly.

A big clear pocket and mesh pocket

The mesh pocket is ideal for storing small items and you can see the contents. The mesh is fine, so it is good for storing small items.

The clear pocket is big and good for put on invoice or something.

Adjustment with 9 partitions

There are 9 partition cushions and they can be adjusted by velcro. The partitions are various large and small, so you can adjust freely.

A corner and the bottom are also tough

We mounted protectors on four corners. Moreover, we are particular about the material of the bottom and mounted protectors on the bottom too.

Excellent use with PROTECH Optical fiber transmission

Not only storing camera, NIPROS-5 is useful to store the optical fiber transmission because it’s easy to adjust by partition to fit the equipment inside.



●Accessories:Partition x9/Carrying belt/Instruction manual●Size:Outer(WxDxH) 62x30x23 (cm) Inner:57x24x20(cm) ●Weight:about 3.8kg(included accessories)/about 2.6kg(not included accessories)

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