December, 19949-pin-selector HS-2000, which was the first product as PROTECH brand, was released.
April, 1995
Digital charger DS-2 and DS-4 were released.
May, 1995
Stationary AC Power Supply AC PROPACK100S was released.
October, 1995
Electronic control Patch Bay HS-1000/C was released.
January, 1996
Zoom Controller AS-520 was released.
September, 1996
Wired Intercom FD-300A was released.
October, 1996
Video light NSL-100 was released.(This model is out of production.)
Iris Zoom Controller AL-500 was released.
January, 1997
Field Mixer FS-305 was released.
February, 1997
Intercom Station FD-800 was released.
Tripod adapter SI-390 was released.
IF-30D, which is the first model of IF series, was released.
October, 1997
CamLight UC-200 was released.(Which has been renamed UC-D200.)
December, 1997
Digital S Interface IFV-59S was released.(This model is out of production.)

March, 1998

Digital S Portable adapter PA-D40 was released.(This model is out of production.)

April, 1998

Camera Direct Mounting AC Power Supply AC-L50 was released.

August, 1998

Field Mixer FS-405 was released.

January, 1999

Line Microphone LCM-500 was released.

November, 1999

Field Mixer FS-305 was completely renewed.

Which was the first Field Mixer to incorporate Parametric EQ and to have Hyper Limiter, so attracted attention.

Field Covers FCS-500 and RCS-500 were released simultaneously.

Intercom Station FD-800 was renewed and named FD-800S.

June, 2000

Rain Jacket RCS-150 was released.

November, 2001

Line Monitor LM-400 was released.

Hyper Limiter FS-205 was released.

14CH MIXER FSR-5/14 was released.

November, 2002

AV Distributor TDL-500 was released.

The first prototype model of Optical Conversion Camera System was completed.

Super live switcher VSE-500 was released.

November, 2003

Wireless HD adapter IF-700 was released.

8CH Field Mixer FS-805 was released.

4CH Field Mixer FS-40X was released.

November, 2004

3CH Press Mixer FS-302P was released.

Tripod adapter plate ST-1 was released.

2CH Compact live switcher VSE-200 was released.

November, 2005

Compact AC Power Supply AC-M50 was released.

Optical Conversion Camera System PS series were released.

May, 2006

Portable Studio teleprompter HDP-1500 was released.

July, 2006

Rain Jacket RCS-A1J was released.

November, 2006

Multi system camera tool DS-450 and DS-850 were released.

Mini monitor LVM-25J was released.

Rain Jacket RCS-V1J was released.

Video Selector HS-800 was released.

LED Monitor LVM-560 was released.

May, 2007

Optical fiber Conversion Camera System PS series were started shipping.

October, 2008

Hard Carrying Case for SONY Camcorder was started shipping.

January, 2010

High-end Rack Mount Monitor DMD series were released.

June, 2010

Professional HD view finder HDF-700 was released.

January, 2012

Dynamic Correction Device DVS-1 was released.

February, 2012

Media Converter incorporating color bar for hi-vision VC-10 was released.

Bidirectional SDI Reclocker VHD-2200 was released.

March, 2012

Optical fiber transmitter LS-700/800 series were released.

Rain Jacket for Sony digital binocular was released.

September, 2012

Build-up system HDS-300 was released.

August, 2013

Optical transmitter LS-750/850 series, being ideal for 4K age, were released.

January, 2014

Shoulder Adapter ST-7S300 for SONY PMW-300 was released.

February, 2014

Full HD Viewfinder HDF-HR500, High Brightness Viewfinder HDF-500 were released.

November ,2018
4K shoulder type optical fiber camera adapter “ST-7 HIKARI” was released.
Rain jacket AG-CX350 was released.
October ,2019
New type optical fiber system “HIKARI JEEP” was released.
New model of camlight UC-4000 was released.