PROTECH produces the original camera which we highly recommend with confident!

Particular material, the best camera bag.

You can tell this NIPROS-7 has the highest quality especially toughness as we chose the particular material to make it robust but also lightweight. Comparing with conventional bag, you’ll be impressed with the quality,and also lightness.
We can say this camera bag is the best ever for sure.
You’ll love this bag to protect your important camera or other equipments.

Convenient binding pockets for various use.

On top, you can insert postcard sized item or even invoice for courier purpose.
In front and side , you can insert your business cards so that you can know your equipment on the view.
It would also be suitable to recognize which equipment is in which bag by including a card that shows the name of the equipment inside.



Convenient mesh pocket

NIPROS-7 has robust mesh pockets on the top, the front and the side.
You can see inside through mesh so suitable to store small materials inside.

Adjust width with PARTITION

The weak point of camera bags is that the contents you put in do not fit and move inside the camera bag. If the contents move in the camera bag, it may lead to the worst damage. NIPROS-7 comes with dividers that adjust the width and length. Parts that adjust the width can be easily narrowed with Velcro. In addition, the parts themselves can be used as a cable storage case, greatly improving convenience. The length-adjusting part is a rectangular parallelepiped cushion that safely protects both ends of the contents of the camera bag

You can bring this to your flight

NIPROS 7 is made in the largest size that can be brought into the aircraft, so you can take your camera or computers with your flight.

Excellent use with PROTECH Optical fiber transmission

Not only storing camera, NIPROS-7 is useful to store the optical fiber transmission because it’s easy to adjust by partition to fit the equipment inside.



●Accessory:Partitions 2 sets/Inner bag 1  set/Carrying belt/User’s manual

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