V-mount 4CH simultaneous ProPOWER ™ battery charger

Here is the charger that brought about innovation in battery operation.
The battery charger and battery terminal are integrated.

Protech’s patented new invention changes the convenience of the site.


  • 4 stations can be charged simultaneously
  • Charging in group A, battery output in group B
  • 1 to 4 batteries can be output simultaneously
  • Front to AC-DC OUT possible while outputting 1 to 4 batteries
  • 2 battery outputs 2 battery outputs can be switched without interruption


There are lots of nice features when you switch to the ProPOWER ™ battery system.

We think there is considerable resistance to changing the camera manufacturer that you are used to, but we don’t think the battery will change even if you change the manufacturer.
This battery system has a secret to the charger.

It’s not just charging the battery.
The battery DC output can be output from the Canon output of the 6 lines on the back of 3 and 4 while charging with the A group of 1 and 2 divided into 2 groups of 4 pieces.

Also equipped with DC OUT. Direct output from AC.

DC output of 60W is possible from the front panel without installing a battery.
Even when the battery is installed and used in the battery power terminal mode, if the AC-DC switch is turned on of the front switch, 6 battery outputs and 7 AC-DC outputs total 7 systems Power output is possible.

Enhanced protection circuit

Using a combination of a battery with a small capacity and a capacity with a large capacity is the worst for a battery.
According to our investigation, there are many manufacturers that sell power terminals that are commercialized by ignoring such things in other companies’ products.
This ProPOWER battery charger is equipped with a protection circuit that can output power from the back without any problem even if one side is almost empty and one side is fully charged.
In the unlikely event that Canon 4 pin is shorted due to cable disconnection, etc, it is designed so that other power output lines do not go down.

Adopting a visible changeover switch and a robust aluminum body

Adopted aluminum body to withstand harsh professional sites. Robust body.
A large toggle switch with good visibility is used for front charging and rear power output switching.
It eliminates troublesome liquid crystal and realizes stable operation with no malfunction.

Equipped with high technology VZ charging engine

VZ engine circuit is used to charge the battery capacity quickly and safely.
Battery charging is possible for each channel at the same time. Twin fans are used for charging in harsh conditions.
One fan works in conjunction with the VZ engine while monitoring temperature rise.
The other is operating for temperature control of the entire aircraft.

●Accessory:AC cable/User’s manual/Warranty


■「DS-40X」V mount 4CH simultaneous ProPOWER™ Battery charger


  • 4ch simultaneous charging
  • Input /AC:100V-240V(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Output/4Ch:DC 16.8V 3A/DC OUTPUT:DC15V 4.5A
  • General /Dimensions :256Wx118Hx188D(mm)/Weight:Approx. 2.75kg




USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)


USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)