Uninterruptible power supply that can be relieved when the power is unexpectedly cut off. Simultaneous power output from 4 types of connectors.

Protect important recorded video and audio from unexpected power outages.

Protect important recorded video and audio from unexpected power outages.
UPS-10 is a device that enables DC power backup easily and easily with a V-mount battery.
Setup is completed simply by connecting your camcorder with a V-mount type battery between your AC-DC power supply such as AC PROPACK 100S and a DC-powered camera or recorder.
Protects important recordings from unexpected power supply interruptions, such as when an AC outlet is disconnected.
A high-performance DC / DC converter is built in, so a stable DC power supply (13V) can be output without a shock when switching the power supply.
In recent years, in particular, the number of cameras and recorders that record on memory cards has increased,
and it has been reported that it takes longer than before to recover from recording, and some records are lost due to power failure.
By using UPS-10, you can solve these concerns and realize more reliable recording work.

Supports power output for small camera recorders

UPS-10 can be operated with only V mount battery (12V standard, generally 11-18V), XLR 4-Pin output and 8.4V output from mini connector.
It corresponds to the power supply to the camera. (Excluding some models)
With this, if you can use it with our shoulder adapter ST-7J series, you can use a small camcorder just like a shoulder camcorder.
This makes it possible to take an agile camera shot such as going out and shooting outdoors.

Equipped with indicator

With the indicator, you can check at a glance whether you are operating with the main power supply or the backup power supply.


When using UPS-10, be sure to check the operation during setup.
Depending on the connected AC power supply, it may not work properly.
In addition, depending on the connected device, the voltage of the AC power supply and battery is different at the time of switching, so there are rarely devices that can not cope with the change.
Such devices cannot be used with this product. Be sure to test before production.
We cannot compensate for any damage caused by using this equipment. Please note.


Uninterruptible power system

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