AA battery case

●Adapter that allows FS-205 to be driven by AA batteries. Drives over 10 hours with alkaline AA batteries.

Lithium ion battery adapter
●This adapter enables the FS-205 to be driven by a battery with a V shoe, such as a lithium-ion battery manufactured by Sony Corporation. If a large capacity battery is used, it can be operated for a long time.
One-touch mounting on camcorders
●Includes an adapter for attaching the FS-205 to the back of a Sony camera battery, two Canon 3-pin (XLR-3 pin) male-female cables, and one Canon 4-pin-mini 4-pin DC cable.
Suitable with ENG use
●A set of shoulder belts and metal fittings to use FS-205 while lowering it from the shoulder
Easy mixing with FS-205 / 206(20cm/2m)
●By using this mixing adapter, it can be used as a 2ch mixer with input side limiter function.
FS-205 / 206 (1.5m) for home camera
●It is an adapter that allows you to connect a directional microphone that outputs from the Canon terminal or a higher-grade microphone to a camcorder that does not have a Canon audio input terminal.