Creative shoulder system that takes into account speed and operability on site

For those using ST-7 series and considering purchasing

If you hold only the camera grip when attaching the ST-7 to various cameras,
or if you attach a wireless microphone receiver,
hard disk backup device, etc. to the ST-7 battery shoe, the camera grip may be damaged.
The small camera targeted by ST-7 is designed on the assumption that it will be used alone.
Recommended as an auxiliary device only.

It does not support operations that apply force to the grip part or excessive heavy equipment
(combined use with wireless receivers, hard disk backup machines, etc.).

Realizes stability as if shooting with a shoulder-type camera.

One-touch mounting on a shoulder camera tripod base

In addition to Protech tripod base VST-14, Sony VCT-14 / U14 and Panasonic tripod base SHAN-TM700 can be installed directly.
Just like a camera recorder, it can be attached to and detached from a tripod base with one touch.
This makes it possible to quickly attach and detach the camera and tripod and maximize mobility.Equipped with metal fittings (PAT.P) that can be mounted in two places.

Adopted a robust aluminum die-cast chassis for optimal balance

We adopted a robust aluminum die-cast chassis for ST-7R. Ensuring sufficient strength.

Developed a new ergonomic design handle for traveling. Easy to hold and just fits the hand.
You can also look directly into the camera viewfinder. Shoulder belt sold separately can also be installed.

Can be built in system camera style



Optional universal head UH-35 can be installed to operate as a studio system. A viewfinder can be attached.

Terminal cam tap output for light

Equipped with cam light output terminal cam tap on the handle and battery holder side. Supports a total output of 50W.
Even when a halogen light is used, the camera’s power supply does not deteriorate when it is turned on.

Newly developed shoulder adapter that pursues ease of use and has been designed to meet the specifications of the field.

Perfect fit for Panasonic AG-DVX200 and other small handheld cameras made by Panasonic. Can be used like a shoulder camera.
New double mounting mechanism that can be mounted on a tripod base in a well-balanced manner. Can be equipped with an optical conversion system or a studio camera viewfinder.

Power supply is reliable and equipped with safety features

When a light is used during operation, a heavy load may be applied for a moment, the camera power supply may decline, and the camera power supply may momentarily stop.
Equipped with a protection circuit to avoid this, the camera is equipped with a circuit that keeps sending power even if the Canon 4-pin terminal is short-circuited.
With memory cameras, instantaneous power outages are often a problem, so using this shoulder adapter enables safe and secure power supply.
Even if the terminal is short-circuited, it automatically recovers when the power is turned on again.

Equipped with video relay terminal

By relaying frequently used camera HD-SDI output, etc. with a BNC cable, the camera’s output connector will not be damaged even if it is frequently inserted and removed, such as when moving on location.
It is possible to remove the cable from the side like a shoulder camera.

Supported camera

  • For Canon compact camera:XF305/XF300/XF205
  • For Panasonic compact camera:AJ-PX270/AG-AC160/AG-HPX250/AG-HPX255/AG-HPX175/AG-HMC155/AG-DVX200/AG-AC130 etc
  • For Sony compact camera:PXW-X200/PXW-X180/PXW-X160/PMW-200/HVR-Z7J/Z5J/HXR-NX5J/PXW-Z100 etc
  • For JVC Kenwood compact camera:JVC Kenwood GY-HM650 etc
Shoulder adapter supports handy camera ●Accessories:User’s manual / Warranty