Reasonable HD component multi-camera system

26 PIN Multi-cable

If you have SONY “CCZ-A25/50/100″26 PIN cable, no need to purchase new cable.


15 PIN Multi-cable

This is for multi camera shooting.

Low cost and lightweight. Easy to build-up camera system.

※Please note that it is unable to transmit power supply, analog HD component signal.
Please male sure to use PROTECH MCZ cable. Operation with other cables may not be able to use all functions.


Compatible HD component

Possible to operate not only HD component but analog component or analog composite system.

Because the camera recorder is portable with the DS-450 / 270 attached, it can be set quickly.

Powerful power supply

The power supplied to the camera adaptor is equipped with a 100W unit, and a large viewfinder, prompter HDP-1500, etc. can be used on the camera side.

※Use is for 26 PIN cable only. Depending on the type and length of cable, you may not be able to use other functions.


4-stage switching cable is guaranteed

Cable compensation is 25m / 50m / 75m / 100m compensation by switching 4 steps.
The cable can be extended up to 100m.

※When the 100m cable is extended, the usable power is approximately 50W (12V).
Note that the usable power of the camera cable may vary depending on the usage conditions.

Possible to remote control

The DS-850 / 550 allows remote control of the target camera recorder by using the Sony remote control RM-B150 / B170 / B750 / Panasonic AJ-RC10G. The DSC-450 / 270 / DS-850 / 550 can be used with a LANC remote control by combining conversion cables.

※When ordering, please specify either a Sony remote control or a Panasonic remote control.


Distribute power supply.

It is possible to supply power to DS-450 / 270 in combination with DS-850 / 550.
It is also possible to supply power from the DS-470 / 270 cannon connector to the cam light or proma prompter.


Build in Intercom

The technology of PROTECH Intercom FD-300A is included.
The DS-850 has two headset connectors, each with a headphone and microphone volume. Use the optional headset FL-301 in the DS series. DS-270 can also use optional headset FL-401.

Sold separately For DS-270/450/550/850
intercom headset FS-301
Sold separately For DS-270 intercom headset FS-401
Can not be used with FL-301


Hyper limiter installed Phantom microphone, line input supported

The camera adaptor DS-450 is equipped with a hyper limiter cultivated by PROTECH’s audio division, which prevents sound cracks caused by unexpected excessive input and sends it to the base station DS-850 / 550

VF Inter face unit

By using VF interface unit VIF-100 or handy monitor, you can check tally and return video.
When using the VF interface unit, you can check the camera recorder viewfinder .

※Some models cannot use the VF interface. In that case, only LVM-43W / 89W is supported.


The camera adaptor DS-450 can always be installed.

Cables that tend to be complicated can be wired neatly.
By simply removing the multi-connector cable and attaching a battery to the back of the camera adaptor DS-450, you can immediately use it as an ENG camera recorder.

Selectable Tally input-output

By setting the switch located on the front of the DS-550, the tally signal sent from the switcher can be specified from 1 to 5 cameras for each camera position.



Camera adaptor for compact camera recorder

●Accessories:User’s manual/Warranty


Camera adaptor for shoulder camera recorders

●Accessories:User’s manual/Warranty


Base station

●Accessories:AC adaptor / User’s manual/Warranty


3 cameras supports Base station

●Accessories:AC adaptor/User’s manual/Warranty







※Camera is not included.







Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Wired intercom
●Wired intercom with BNC connection. Up to 10 units can be connected up to 2km.
Intercom headset
FL-301/FL-401(For DS-270)
●DS SERIES intercom headset
For DS-850 rack mount bracket
●Bracket to rack mount to DS-850
●8.9 inch monitor Blue only/Monochrome display/4:3/16:9 guide display,Tally,Function monitor like throughout. Composite,Analog HD components, supports HDMI input
Pro monitor
●Lightweight and compact 4.3 inch pro monitor Blue only/Monochrome display/4:3/16:9 guide display,Tally,Function monitor like throughout. Composite use only.
VF Interface unit
●Viewfinder interface unit for Sony professional camcorders
VF Interface unit
●Viewfinder interface unit for professional camcorders manufactured by Sony
VF6 Pin cable
●Cable to connect the camera adapter to the mini monitor or VIF-100.
Cable for Remote controller
●Remote control cable to connect the camera and camera adapter
Power supply cable
●Cable for supplying power from S-270 to small cameras
15 Pin multi cable(15m/30m/50m)
●Multi-cable connecting camera adapter and base station
DS-450 cable set

  • RCC-450(8 pin cable for remote /Approx 0.3m) x1
  • VC-450(VF6 pin cable /Approx 0.6m) x1
  • BNC-03L2(For component connection BNC Approx 0.3m) x3
  • BNC-02L2(Composite,For genlock BNC cable/ Approx 0.2m)x 2
  • Cannon 3P-RCA cable(For audio/Approx 0.3m) x1