Easy set up


  • You can set up quickly on site with a focus on one-man settings.
  • The tripod base can also be assembled without tools using a dedicated screw that emphasizes operability.
  • 2 unit system and simple joint.



Easy operation available immediately upon purchase


  • After purchase, you can use it immediately after connecting the bundled PC. It’s easy to use.
  • Prompter manuscripts are completed simply by copying and pasting various manuscripts such as text, web information,
    and text documents sent by e-mail.
  • You can easily correct characters and type directly.
  • Even if there is no instruction manual for character size and line spacing, it is easy to operate.




How to set up

■STEP1 Mount the camera base on the tripod
■STEP2 Easy joint locks the screw
■STEP3 Possible to install cable and camera
■STEP4Software starts when PC is turned on
■STEP5Select and click the original box you want to input from 1 to 9
■STEP6Enter directly or copy and paste and click ok button
■STEP7Select the document you want to output from 1 to 9 from the controller
■STEP8Smooth control with jog shuttle


Direct document reading

By placing nine direct reading buttons on the controller,
the document is output without any time lag.
You can respond immediately to sudden news changes.
In addition, each holder can be created for each caster and each program, realizing ease of use.


Twin control system (control at 2 locations) possible (PAT.P)

It is possible to control from two locations by adding a controller that can be controlled by the caster and another controller (sold separately).
Operators (such as directors) can take the lead.


Easy manuscript creation by copy and paste

Copying and pasting the text in the file as well as direct typing makes it easy to complete the manuscript.

Supports the creation of shared documents smoothly as well as email documents.

Documents sent by email from the site in the Internet environment can be used immediately.

Document title display function (PAT.P)

By providing a constant title display function at the bottom left of the screen, you can instantly check what title this document is. (Always displayed)

Displaying the title and document number helps prevent misreading.


Document position indicator (PAT.P)

You can easily see the volume of the document at a glance and adjust the reading time easily.
The position indicator display changes depending on the speed and length of the text.


Continuously variable feed speed

Variable and fixed, and scrolling by jog, you can freely control the reading speed.
“It is also possible to read the reading screen in the normal slow scroll state as a still image by quick scrolling.


Character size, line spacing selection function

You can select 3 levels of character size and line spacing according to the distance to the reader and visual acuity.In addition to selecting with a PC mouse, you can select from a controller with a simple button operation.

Black / white inversion function

Two modes are possible: white text (black background) and black text (white background).
It can be selected immediately from the controller according to the reader’s preference.