One touch selection from two editing systems to one recording VTR

Two editing VTRs can be freely switched

Two editing VTRs can be freely switched

You can select one of two different systems, such as dubbing from one of two playback VTRs to one recording VTR, or a combination of linear and non-linear.

Unlimited possibilities

By using multiple HS-1000/C units, it is possible to select one unit from three VTRs.
Depending on the combination, troublesome wriring replacement in the editing system can be reduced.


Compatible with SDI/HD-SDI

HS-1000C input/output supports component signals, and among the three BNC terminals,
the Y terminal supports composite and SDI/HD-SDI.
The HS-1000’s BNC connector also supports SDI.


The monitor BNC terminal is compatible with composite and SDI for both HS-1000/C.
And, the monitor terminal of HS-1000C supports HD-SDI.


Supports HD-SDI/SD-SDI system selector●Accessory:AC cable/User’s manual /Warranty


Supports SD-SDI system selector●Accessory:AC cable/User’s manual /Warranty





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.