Easy connection with BNC cable enables multi conversation

Easy connection with BNC cable

With 2 or more FD-300A and BNC cable, it can start multi conversation immediately without requiring base unit.

It can be connected with at most 10 intercoms and to at most 2km.
In addition, you have no need to prepare new headset because it is an equipment supplied.


Compact, lightweight, strong, and longtime operation

Strong metal body realized lightweight of about 220g.
In addition, it realized continuous operation of about 50 hours with a square shaped (006P/9V) alkaline battery.


Clear sound quality

It can secure sound quality to minimize the external noise by low impedance-coupling.
In addition, it can control the volume meeting in various fields by adjusting each volume of headphone and microphone.


Wired Intercom

●Accessories:Headset(FL-301)/006P 9V battery/User’s manual/Warranty



Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

●Wired intercom FD-300A only body
●Can be used with FD-300A, VSE-500/200
Sony camera attachment
●The FD-300A can be installed in the same way as installing a wireless receiver on the back of a Sony camcorder. * Sony service parts A-8278-057-A mount bracket may be required depending on the model. please confirm.
Talk switch
●Talk switch for FD-300A. Allows calls only while pressing the switch


Talk switch+ Power cable
●Talk switch for FD-300A. Calls can be made only while the switch is pressed. With mini 4 pin power cable.
Mini 4 Pin -Mini 4 Pin power cable
●A cable for supplying power to the FD-300A from a power output (mini 4 pin) such as a camcorder. 15cm
Cannon 4 Pin-Mini 4 Pin power cable
●A cable for supplying power to the FD-300A from a power output such as an AC power supply (cannon 4 pin). 2m