Safety! Easy! Robust! The most popular wired professional intercom in Japan

A long-awaited new model has appeared in the BNC connection type intercom that has been very popular for many years in various fields.


The new model FD-400A has the same basic features as the previous model, but also includes a set with a newly developed headset with a much improved fit, and uses a highly available AA alkaline battery for the power supply. And improved convenience and performance.


Reliable and convenient everywhere because of wired connection. Easy connection with general-purpose BNC cable

If two or more FD-400A units are connected using a general-purpose BNC cable that can be easily obtained at the shooting site, everyone can immediately start simultaneous calls. The total cable length is 2km and up to 10 units can be connected without the need for a main unit.


The BNC cable connection between units can be done in any way depending on the operating environment, for example, from one FD-400A can be wired in a star shape, or cascade connection and star connection can be mixed.

Cascade type connection

Star type connection

Because it is a wired system, there is no need to obtain permission for radio waves used in the wireless system, and there is no need to worry about accidents caused by interference with other radio waves or wiretapping.


In addition, it can be used in combination with the previous model FD-300A (Note), so it can be considered as an extension for customers who use the FD-300A.


(Note) When mixing FD-300A and FD-400A, set the mode switch of the mixed FD-400A to “FD-300A mode”. Please note that both modes cannot be used together.


Compact, lightweight, robust body design, easy to operate

The main unit weighs about 262g and is compact and lightweight, but uses a solid metal casing, so it can be used easily and safely even on tough sites.


In addition, difficult settings are not required, and the operation method is easy to understand for everyone, so it can be used immediately on site.


Long-time operation with AA alkaline batteries

With two AA alkaline batteries (Note 1) that can be easily obtained anywhere in the world, we have achieved continuous driving for over 200 hours. In addition, when combined with a planned base station, power can be supplied from a BNC cable.

(Note 1) AA alkaline battery capacity is estimated to be approximately 2,000 mAh.


A reasonable set with a high-quality headset is available

Various types of headsets are available for the FD-400A, including high-quality headsets that are fit and sound quality that won’t get tired even after prolonged use.


If you prefer a light fit, set with an open-air headset DL-400, if you prefer a solid fit, set with a sealed headset DL-500, and a music event, etc. In response to a request from a customer shooting an event with a high ambient volume, a set with the DL-550 headset for both ears is also available.


In addition, the FD-400A’s audio circuit is designed for sound quality that makes it easy to hear audio and does not get tired even when used for a long time, so it can be used comfortably even during long events.


Sealed one-ear headset (DL-500) accessory set

●Accessories:Headset(DL-500:Sealed one-ear)/AA Battery/User’s manual/Warranty


Open air typed headset (DL-400) accessory set

●Accessories:Headset(DL-400:Sealed one-ear)/AA Battery/User’s manual/Warranty


Sealed one-ear headset (DL-500) accessory set

●Accessories:Headset(DL-550:Sealed one-ear)/AA Battery/User’s manual/Warranty


Only Body(Without headset)

●Accessories : AA Battery/User’s manual/Warranty




Tally display unit
●Tally unit(50 x 62 x 34 mm/120g)
Tally display unit
●Huge Tally unit(86 x 75 x 32 mm/0.3 kg)
Open air type one year headset
●A lightweight headset that does not become a burden even if worn for a long time. XLR-4 pin connection.
Sealed single ear headset
●A sealed headset that fits well in one ear and is comfortable to wear. XLR-4 pin connection.
Sealed binaural headset
●A sealed binaural headset that allows you to listen to the incoming sound even at high volume event venues. XLR-4 pin connection.