It can linked with FD-300A and CCU

It can mix the recording sound

It can mix in intercom sound by inputing the recording sound to MIX IN terminal.
Everyone who use the intercom can grasp broadcast sound and so on.


It can be connected with at most 5 CCU and 8 FD-300A

It can be connected with at most 5 Sony CCU, 2 wired intercom of CCU-D50/M5/M7 and so on, and 8 FD-300A (5 of those can be power supplied).
Rack mounting bracket is an equipment supplied.


Support AC/DC 2 power source, regardless of the fields

It supports 2 power source of AC100V/DC12V, that enables to be used any fields, for example, studio recording or outside broadcasting and so on.


Direct conversation with CCU intercoms of each manufacturers is possible

It is easy to adjust and select the level by input control volume and output ON/OFF switch of each CCU.
It adopts a pop-up system in volume and that prevents failure.


Intercom system

●Accessories:AC cable/Rack mount bracket/User’s manual/Warranty



Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Felxible mike
●A flexible microphone that can be connected to the FD-800S main unit and can communicate with other CCUs.
CCU connection cable
●Cable for connection with Sony CCU-D50(1m/4W)
Please consult us when using other CCU.
Connection cable for FD-800S-FD-300A(1m/10m/20m/30m/50m/100m)
●A cable that connects FD-800S and FD-300A and enables power supply to FD-300A.