BNC connection wired intercom / Main unit

The best combination of FD-400A and FD-900S

The FD-900S is the base station for FD-400A.
It has some of very useful functions especially for building multi-camera & multi operators shooting.

You can build-up an intercom system by using only one BNC cable.

Up to 40 FD-400A units can be connected

There are five groups in FD-900S and there are max. 8 units of FD-400A for each  system. So 5×8=40 units of FD-400A can be connected to FD-900S.

In addition to being able to have conversations with all the slave units FD-400A and the base unit FD-900S for each system, it is also possible to have conversations across all systems. It is extremely powerful in events and recording operations operated by a large number of staff.

Equipped with power supply function for FD-400A

When the FD-400A is connected to the FD-900S, the drive power for the FD-400A is supplied from the FD-900S, so there is no need to put batteries in each FD-400A.

This makes it possible to use it without worrying about the battery consumption of the handset when it is used as a permanent facility in various studios, halls, and event venues.


Equipped with a microphone jack and built-in speaker on the front panel

In addition to the headset terminal, the front panel of the FD-900S is equipped with a general XLR 3-pin connector and a built-in speaker. When the FD-900S is deployed in a command room, you can use it conveniently without wearing a headset.


Program audio can be distributed

The FD-900S is equipped with a function that inputs the main program audio (line audio) for event venues, etc., and mixes and distributes it to each intercom line.


In recording work such as concerts and events, it is often the case that a binaural closed headset (DL-550 etc.) is used in order to listen to the intercom sound even in noisy venues. However, each staff can work while listening to the program sound at an appropriate volume.


Deliver tally signal from switcher to FD-400A

By connecting the D-Sub15 pin connector or BNC connector on the back of the FD-900S to the tally output of the switcher, the tally signal output from the switcher can be transmitted to the FD-400A via the FD-900S.  As a result, the tally LED of the FD-400A is lit, and a tally signal is output from the mini jack of the FD-400A, and the LED of the external tally indicator TU-10A can be lit.


This makes it possible to use the tally function, which is essential for studio cameras and camera transmission adaptors, even in low-budget systems such as small camcorders. Especially in multi-camera recording, it is possible to improve the quality of the recorded video by accurately telling the cameraman and the subject which camera is currently used.


BCN wired intercom/base station

●Accessories:AC adaptor/User’s manual/Warranty




※Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tally display unit
●Tally unit(50 x 62 x 34 mm/120g)
Tally display unit
●Huge tally unit(86 x 75 x 32 mm/0.3 kg)
Open air single ear headset
●A lightweight headset that does not become a burden even if worn for a long time. XLR-4 pin connection.
Sealed single ear headset
●A sealed headset that fits well in one ear and is comfortable to wear. XLR-4 pin connection.
Sealed binaural headset
●A sealed binaural headset that allows you to listen to the incoming sound even at high volume event venues. XLR-4 pin connection.