BM-W MagDrive

Advanced shooting skills, complexity and quality are highly demanded,
The BM series motion controller is an unprecedented new ideal system that the shooting field has been awaited.


The system simple setup eliminates troublesome LCDs and menu screens and simply commercializes the functions required in the shooting field.
Manual operation, focus, zoom and iris setup are all stored in one-touch memory and one-touch execution provides excellent lens control.


MagDrive Motion Control System

The broadcast motion control system consists of a controller that drives up to three control motors and a gear head.


The system not only supporting the PL lends but also for broadcasting lends,
and can be used in various fields such as movies, drama shooting, event shooting and crane shooting.


Built-in automatic calibration function

The system can be attached to any type of lends, the focus, iris, and zooming of the lens are automatically calibrated at a touch of a button.
Once setup is done, the setting position will be saved even when the power is turned off.


System configuration example

Offers the best convenience not only with motion control systems

The controller is equipped with wireless and wired modes.
The control mode can be set individually, wireless mode set for focus control, wired mode set for zoom and iris, switch settings can be seen at a glance,
and they can be set to mixed modes.

The iris control also compatible with box lenses.
(Optional iris remote control RM-IRSB4 is required)


Equipped with standard rod conversion adapter

Supports φ19 rods and φ15 rods


7 positions user memory. Super easy operation

Ultra-precise angle of view and focus, iris technique can be accurately reproduced for movie shooting,
drama shooting, crane shooting etc. The order of 7 positions can be set freely.

Furthermore, the speed can be adjusted between positions, and the transition time can be changed.
This allows the super slow focus shifting effects can be achieved. makes it easy to focus slowly. Compatible with φ19 rods and φ15 rods.


Gears compatible with various lenses can be installed with a single touch.

Compatible with PL lenses and B4 broadcast lenses available in the market.
Widely use at site by developer and also cameraman.

Compatible with Canon lenses, Fujinon lenses, ARRI lenses, Carl Zeiss lenses, Tokina lenses, Sony lenses, etc.
Easy attachment and taking off without using of any tools.


Mobility on site with simple functions

Easy operation is mostly demanded at site by operators.
The controller shows the status at a glance and with easy operation
The system uses state-of-the-art FPGA for the main control, simplified and make the control is crystal clear.
The troublesome menu function and the LCD panel is eliminated and the cameraman can operate the system intuitively without an instruction manual.


Possible to control iris without using a dedicated CCU

In recent years, digital cameras can shoot with almost the same color even if there is no CCU when shooting with multiple cameras.


In most of todays video shooting, majority of the iris control is control by video engineers connected the CCU and place next to the switcher,
Protech provide an alternative solution to allow the iris to control without the CCU connected.


Super high performance micro head.
Intelligent motor control technology that produces exquisite torque

We examined more than 100 types of lenses, paying high attention especially the motor torque.


Broadcast lenses iris control is possible with an optional unit.

The broadcast lens iris control can be performed by using an optional unit. The box lens/B4 lenses iris control are also possible.


Broadcast motion controller 1 control motor

Basic set / Control motor 1 piece / Gear 1 type / Drive unit x1 / Connection cable / RM-BM30x1, User’s manual / Warranty


Broadcast motion controller 2 control motor

2 head set / Control motor 2 piece / Gear 1 type / Drive unit x1 / Connection cable / RM-BM30x1, User’s manual / Warranty


Broadcast motion controller 3 control motor

3 head set / Control motor 3 piece / Gear 1 type x 3 / Drive unit x1 / Connection cable / RM-BM30x1, User’s manual / Warranty


Broadcast motion controller 3 control motor 12 gear set

3 head set / Control motor 3 piece /Gear drive 4 type x 3 (12 units)/ Drive unit x1 /System controller/Cable controller / Iris controller for B4 lens connected to wired controller / Connection cable / User’s manual / Warranty

Wired controller
● Ultra-precision angle of view and focus iris technique can be accurately reproduced.
IRIS controller

● Iris control remote control for box type lenses and B4 lenses. Used by connecting to the BM series wired remote control.

Tally adapter unit set
TU-600 5FSET

●System set for 5 cars tally from switcher. Set of 5 connection cable tally.