HD-SDI compact live switcher

Simple operation, high quality switching

Realizing high-class video switching by taking full advantage of HD video.

Overlap, direct cut and wipe are possible. The direct cut can be switched neatly without causing image distortion even when switching.

AC drive / DC12V drive possible. Ideal for outdoor production such as live performances and events.


Compact body with 6 inputs. Input all channel through out

When 5 HD-SDI inputs, 1 title input, and no title are used, a total of 6 cameras or VTRs can be connected. Since all channels can be through-out, a distributor for monitoring is not required.


The cable wiring is therefore simple and the cable wiring around the switcher has been greatly reduced. It minimizes the work and facilities that have taken time, and enables quick setting.


Frame synchronizer can be turned ON / OFF

Direct cutting is possible by installing a frame synchronizer. Video selection without disturbance is possible.

External synchronization is also possible, and system construction operation with a sync generator is also possible to avoid delays in lip sync. caused by a frame synchronizer. The frame synchronizer can be turned ON / OFF.


Auto take mode that allows 2 cameras per person

You can auto-take by using the optional pen-type auto-take switch AR-53, PROTECH Zoom remote control AS-520, or the lens manufacturer’s zoom remote control. Two cameras can be operated by one photographer, and the best shot can be switched to the main line.

Equipped with RED Tally , GREEN Tally

Equipped with RED tally out and GREEN tally out to inform the next selected camera. (When using GREEN tally, optional viewfinder HDF-700 and tally unit TU-600 are required.)

In combination with the optical fiber conversion system series, functions like a large studio have been realized in a small system.
With this function, camera rehearsals are greatly reduced because the next photographer is notified in advance.


Large lever adoption

The switching lever for smooth video switching is the main of a video switcher.

When creating exquisite overlap scenes manually, the image creator’s feeling must be accurately conveyed.

The VSE-500HD has a focus on lever operation.


Equipped with monitor preview function

In order to decide which camera image to use next, we had to bring 3 monitors for 3 cameras and 5 cameras for 5 cameras. The VSE-500HD does not require any special equipment and enables video monitoring during multi-camera shooting with only two monitors.


Equipped with cable compensation circuit

A built-in cable equalizer circuit compensates for attenuated signals. A cable of about 100m can be extended with 5CFB. The corrected signal is slewed out through.


13 types of wipe patterns

13 types of wipe patterns are available. Round wipe, square wipe, heart wipe, etc. are possible. Border ON / OFF and width can be specified. Back image can be a picture, or matte color.


Robust, thin and lightweight design

Reliability that has been pursued with a view to the harsh usage conditions, assuming use under various conditions by professionals. A metal chassis is used for the body. A robust, thin, and lightweight body of approximately 1.4kg has been realized.


Enable to input title

The title signal can be extracted with the key. You can enter titles not only from a PC, but also by shooting characters printed out on paper with a camera and extracting the images with keys. You can turn on / off the border.


Various options available

An HD LCD monitor that uses a high-brightness, high-contrast LCD panel can be extended as an option to 2/3/3/4.

The rack-mount bracket HS-RA80 is used and fixed to the carrying case SC-550HD to enable all-in-one recording.


HD-SDI compact live switcher

●Accessories:AC adaptor /User’s manual/Warranty





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

System rack
●Rack to systemize one HDF-700 / HDF-700V, or two and four monitors HDM-400.
Hard case
●A hard case that can hold one VSE-500HD / 1 and an intercom / monitor.
Hard case
●A hard case that can hold one VSE-500HD / 1 and an intercom / monitor. (405 x 245 x 335mm width x height x depth)
Rack mount bracket
●Panel to mount VSE-500HD / 1 in EIA rack.
Monitor mounting bracket
●A bracket to attach a 2/3/3/4 monitor to the SC-550.
Tally adapter
●Adapter that outputs VSE-500HD / 1 tally signal with BNC connector.
Auto take switch
●Auto take can be switched with VSE-500HD / 1.