20-inch, full-scale studio specification, high-performance prompter

Studio Prompter HDP-2000ST is a professional prompter with full-scale studio specifications
that was developed to produce video content in broadcasting stations and production studios that require investment in the 4K era.


Return video display and clock display can be installed

It is now possible to install a return video display and an accurate radio clock display set that are required in a studio system.
This makes it possible to record live news broadcasts in the studio.


Uses high-quality multi-coated mirror glass (Vision-Proof Glass)

A multi-coated mirror (Vision-Proof Glass) with the highest quality plane characteristics and transmitted light characteristics suitable for 4K video shooting is adopted.
This mirror provides outstanding low chromatic aberration and visibility.


High contrast, high brightness and low power consumption display

Employing a high-brightness and high-contrast display makes it possible to clearly copy the original and make it easier to see the text.


Compatible with many types of cameras without using a balancer

A wide range of cameras can be installed, from small camcorders to studio cameras.
The attached slide plate can change the center of gravity widely, minimizing the load on the tripod.


Supports multiple input signals

HDP-2000ST supports video (composite), PC (D-SUB15PIN), HD-SDI, and HDMI input signals.
In addition, tally input is provided and the latest studio recording is strongly backed up.


DC12V drive for field coverage

DC power supply that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Power can be supplied from a Sony camcorder with a DC light power connector.
In addition, operation with a V-mount battery is realized by using an optional PBU-L301.


Screen-through display function

The PC (D-SUB15PIN) input signal can be connected to other PC monitors using the through-out function.
This allows multiple people to check the contents of the monitor document.


Playback monitor function (PAT.P)

Video / PC screen switching is possible.
It is possible to display camera images.
You can check how the caster is reflected without turning your eyes off with the included switch.


It can also be used as a mirror (check make-up before ONAIR), such as a checking appearance.
Using this function, it is possible to build a system that mixes with camera-type terrorists.
By actively using camera images other than letters, it enables a wide range of usage.


20 INCH studio prompter

●Accessories:User’s manual/Warranty/Camera pedestal/Balance plate/
Tripod base fixing screw


20 INCH studio prompter set

●Accessories:User’s manual/Warranty/Proma PC system in addition to HDP-2000ST contents/AC power






Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Return/Clock display kit
●A set of radio clock and monitor that can be attached to the HDP-2000ST series. Includes HD-SDI input compatible monitor (HDM-1850), radio clock compatible display (TM-200), and mounting bracket.
PC connection cable(5m/10m)
●Connection cable with PC
Extension cable for controller
●Extension cable for controller(5m)
●Controller for operating the PROMA software.(1.8m)
Camera connection power cable
●A cable that supplies power from the DC light terminal of the camcorder.(1m)
Stationary AC power supply
●100W stationary AC power supply.
Power cable
●DC cable(3m/5m)
●Accessory:User’s manual/Warranty
Power adapter
●Power adapter which supports Sony V mount
8P extension cable
●Extension cable for PB remote controller (10m)
PB remote controller A(Push on type)
●Switch for playback video and original video(1m)
PB remote controller B(Push lock type)
●Switch for playback video and original video(1m)
Remote switch
●Video / PC screen selector switch.(1m)



USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)