HD/SD-SDI embedded audio inserter

Insert up to 16 channels of audio signals on the SDI signal(embedded)

Four channels of analog audio signals (mic level/line level input) can be superimposed on HD / SD-SDI.


Since the channels to be superimposed can be selected from 1-4ch / 5-8ch / 9-12ch / 13-16ch,
it is possible to superimpose audio on all 16 channels by connecting up to 4 F-1.


By utilizing the F-1 for recording systems for various events, up to 16 analog audio signal lines can be integrated into one BNC cable, so the total extension distance of the audio cable can be greatly reduced.
There are revolutionary benefits such as eliminating the need for audio mixes at each audio source venue (preventing accidents).

(Caution) The number of channels that can record SDI embedded audio differs depending on the video recording device model.
For details, please refer to the instruction manual of each model or contact each manufacturer.

(For example) Sony SR-R1:16ch recording/PMW-50:4ch recording is possible.


Equipped with hyper limiter

In the event recording work, the sound breaking of the recorded voice will be a fatal recording accident.


This unit is equipped with an independent hyper audio limiter for each channel. By incorporating F-1 into the audio recording system, it is possible to record audio safely while minimizing waveform distortion.


Delay adjustment function

“The delay amount when superimposed on SDI for each channel can be set from 0 frames to 3 frames.

By removing the delay difference between audio channels as much as possible during recording, you can reduce the burden of editing work later.


TC(time code) output function

This unit has a function to extract and output the TC superimposed on the input SDI signal.
This makes it possible to synchronize the time code of a shoulder camcorder with a TC input using the time code of a small camcorder without TC output as a master, making editing work easier after recording with multiple cameras.


Good visibility level meter

The sound level is displayed with a large LED, so it is easy to adjust the sound level and check for excessive input.



●Accessory:User’s manual/Warranrty





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.