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The technology cultivated in the field mixer is thoroughly introduced

Built-in AC power. And 12V drive. 2-input 2-output hyper-limiter unit. Switching between 1 input 2 output and 2 input 2 output is possible.

The technology cultivated in the field mixer is thoroughly introduced, and the limiter compression technology is installed as it is.
Demonstrates the ability to prevent sound cracking in any recording environment and reduces sound distortion.
This is an indispensable unit for future digital recording.

Performancing Hyper Limiter

Equipped with hyper limiter cultivated in field mixer. + 30dB excessive input is suppressed instantaneously to prevent sound distortion.


Moreover, even if it suppresses that excessive input, the sound that does not exceed the PEAK level is output as it is, enabling more natural recording.

Wide input / output settings

The phantom power supply for P-48 mic is installed at the time of mic input, and there are three levels of input switching: -60 / -20 / + 4dB. Various input can be recorded.
The balanced output (Cannon 3 pin) can be switched in 3 steps of + 4 / -20 / -60dB, and RCA is compatible with home recorders by fixing -10dBV.

Equipped with VU / PEAK switchable meter

As for the meter for confirming the recording level accurately, PEAK meter suitable for digital and VU meter which confirms the average level of the whole sound source can be switched L / R independently.


Utilization during dubbing and editing

You can adjust the audio level difference that occurred during recording during editing and dubbing.
In particular, by maintaining a certain level when inserting narration or inserting BGM during editing, it is possible to make voice editing easier.


Used as a simple 2ch mixer


By using the optional mixing adapter (MA-20 / 200), it can be used as a 2ch mixer equipped with an input limiter function.


Use with mixed line / microphone

When recording audio at the recording site of 2 and 3 camera such as plays and lectures, the input to the recorder is often fixed to the line, and sound distortion is likely to occur.
The FS-205 / 206 can be used for both line and mic, and it can record the average voice of each speaker with different audio levels, and suppress distortion caused by sudden sounds such as applause.



Hyper limiter with built-in AC power

●Accessory:User’s manual



Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Easy mixing with FS-205 / 206(20cm/2m)
●By using this mixing adapter, it can be used as a 2ch mixer with input side limiter function.
FS-205 / 206 (1.5m) for home camera
●It is an adapter that allows you to connect a directional microphone that outputs from the Canon terminal or a higher-grade microphone to a camcorder that does not have a Canon audio input terminal.