High cost performance model that inherits the basic performance of FS-305 / 1

Excellent basic performance

Equipped with 3ch independent hyper limiter and VU / PEAK switchable meter which are the basic performance of PROTECH Field Mixer.



3ch Field mixer

●Accessory:AA battery holder (LR-68)/User’s manual/Warranty/Carrying case/ Carrying beltSC-300/(FS-300 only)


3ch Field mixer(Without case/belt)

●Accessory:AA battery holder (LR-68)/User’s manual/Warranty

FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X carrying case
SC-305 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X carrying case(Mixers is sold separately)
AA battery case
LR-68 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-302P, FS-405, FS-40X Attached AA battery case

※This optional product is included in the accessories of the main product.
Therefore, you do not need to purchase the main product separately.