A monaural mixer that was thought out for reporting purposes. Its name is “Press Mixer”

Input/output double limiter

Each channel independent hyper limiter is installed on the input side to instantly suppress over levels.
In addition, the master output side is also equipped with a three-stage variable master limiter.
By switching the three-level limit level, it prevents sound cracking in any recording environment and strongly supports professional audio recording.


Adapt VU/PEAK meter

The meter for confirming a recording level correctly can be confirmed by switching output A / B.
It is possible to switch between a PEAK meter suitable for digital recording and a VU meter that checks the average level of the entire sound source.


Emphasis on operability and visibility

It is possible to check at a glance which output is selected to A / Bch by arranging the output select switch for each channel independently.
In addition, it is equipped with an indicator that displays overload, enabling quick and precise adjustments together with the master volume LED.


Wide input range

Dynamic mic, P-48 / AB-12 phantom mic, and line input are possible.

Output settings for any recorder

The balanced output (Canon 3pin) can be switched in 4 steps of + 4/0/-20/-60dB, and RCA and mini jack are compatible with consumer recorders by fixing -10dBV.


Transformers on the input and output sides

By installing a transformer on both of input and output sides, it is possible to remove common mode noise induced in the cable and maintain the original signal quality.

For broadcasting 3CH press mixer
Accessories: AA battery holder (LR-68) / Carrying case (SC-302) / Carrying belt / User’s manual / warranty card


■Input side

■Output side

Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

FS-302P carrying case
SC-302 (※)
●FS-302P carrying case
AA battery case
LR-68 (※)
●FS-305/300/302P/405/40X AA battery case

※This optional product is included in the accessories of the main product.
Therefore, you do not need to purchase the main product separately.