For professional 3ch mixer. Standard model that extracts the sound what you want to convey

Built-in 3ch independent equalizer and hyper limiter

The 3ch independent built-in equalizer that suppresses the target sound and make it range stand out and the hyper limiter that suppresses the excessive input of about + 30dB naturally and instantly.


Equipped with PEAK indicator

The PEAK indicator that displays overload is installed to grasp the output state of the sound.
Like the equalizer and limiter switches, it is placed in a convergent position on the front, and is designed with visibility in mind when working with other functions.


ide input range, output settings that do not require a recorder

Dynamic mic, + 48V, AB-12V phantom mic, line input is possible.
The balanced output (Canon 3pin) can be switched in 4 steps of + 4/0 / -20 / -60dB, and RCA is compatible with consumer recorders by fixing -10dBV.

3ch Field mixer    Accessory: AA battery holder (LR-68) / Carrying case (SC-305) / Carrying belt / Manual / Warranty card


■Input side

■Output side

※Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X Carrying case
SC-305 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X carrying case(Mixer is sold separately)
AA battery case
LR-68 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-302P, FS-405, FS-40X AA battery case

※This optional product is included in the accessories of the main product.
Therefore, you do not need to purchase the main product separately.