Pursuing operability with supreme technology video mixer for pre-production video production

Equipped with 4-channel independent equalizer and hyper limiter

The 4ch independent built-in equalizer that suppresses the target sound and make it range stand out and the hyper limiter that suppresses the excessive input of about + 30dB naturally and instantly.


Subtle panning is possible with a continuously variable pan pot.

Along with the stereo recording, we adapt a panpot with continuously variable sound image positions.


Wide input range recorder output setting

4-stage switching of dynamic microphone, P-48 / AB-12 phantom microphone, and line input.
The output can be switched in 4 steps of + 4/0 / -20 / -64dB, and RCA has a fixed output of -10dBV.


Equipped with PFL function

Equipped with a pre-fader listen function, it is possible to check the standby level and equalizer even during recording.


VU / PEAK switchable meter

As for the meter to confirm the recording level accurately, PEAK meter suitable for digital and VU meter to confirm the average level of the whole sound source can be switched independently L / R.


Multi-channel input in a small body

A compact body with total of 6ch input provides powerful support for installation in news broadcast vehicles and outdoor broadcasts.


Equipped with all-channel full-link sliding faders

The top panel is equipped with a slide-type fader, enabling simultaneous fading for all channels.
In addition, AUX input with trim in RCA is installed, and slide fading only for AUX input is also possible.


4ch Field mixer

Accessory: AA battery holder (LR-68) / Special carrying case (SC-405) / Carrying belt / Instruction manual / Warranty




Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

FS-405 carrying case
SC-405 (※)
●FS-405 carrying case(Mixer is sold separately)
AA battery case
LR-68 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-302P, FS-405, FS-40X AA battery case
4ch field mixer for wireless tuner
●Wireless box that can be fitted with Sony WRR-8552
Link cabe
●A cable for use as an 8CH mixer by connecting two FS-405s.

※This optional product is included in the accessories of the main product.
Therefore, you do not need to purchase the main product separately.