You don’t think there’s anything that can’t be fully functional in an ultra-compact body

4ch condensed into 3ch body

Equipped with 4ch body size of 3ch mixer. It is now closer to the user’s ideal of being compact, lightweight and highly functional.

※Image is the comparison of size for each field mixers

The first portable size meter bridge can be installed

By using the optional VU / PEAK switching quadruple monitor MB-40X, the volume of each channel can understand at a glance.


Equipped with each channel independent equalizer, low cut filter

By installing each channel independent equalizer, recording close to human hearing was made possible.
In addition, a low-cut filter is installed to deal with low-frequency noise such as wind noise when recording on street corners.
You can capture more clearer sound.


Supports stereo recording with MS mic

Supports stereo recording with an MS mic by installing an MS decoder.
Both inputs using cannon 5 pins and canon 3 pins using 2ch are supported.


Input and output double limiter

Each channel independent hyper limiter is installed on the input side to instantly suppress over levels.
Moreover, the master output side is also equipped with a three-stage variable master limiter.
By switching the three-level limit level, it prevents sound cracking in any recording environment and supports professional audio recording strongly.


4ch Field mixer

●Accessory:AA Battery Holder (LR-68) / User’s manual Manual / Warranty / Special Carrying Case / Carrying Belt


4ch Filed mixer(Without carrying case and belt)

●Accessory:AA Battery Holder (LR-68) / User’s manual Manual / Warranty / Special Carrying Case / Carrying Belt




Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X Carrying case
SC-40X (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-40X Carrying case(Mixer is sold separately)
AA battery case
LR-68 (※)
●FS-305/1, FS-300/1, FS-302P, FS-405, FS-40X AA battery case

※This optional product is included in the accessories of the main product.
Therefore, you do not need to purchase the main product separately.