Relay car, 8ch press mixer for event recording

Built-in intercom

By using the optional headset FL-301, all Protech wired intercoms FD-300A can be connected directry to enable simultaneous calls.


Built-in continuously variable pan pot

The sound image position can be adjusted freely during stereo recording with a continuously variable pant.


L/R level can be adjusted with a single knob when stereo input

When you perform stereo input with two mic, turning on the link switch enables 2ch level adjustment with only the Lch master volume.


PFL function allows confirmation before mixing

Equipped with a pre-fader listen function, it is possible to check the standby level and equalizer even during recording.


Centralized operation system on the front allows operation with a relay car

The functions of input select, trim, pan pot, equalizer, low cut, PFL switch, and limiter ON / OFF switch are concentrated on the front.


Transformers on the input and output sides

By installing a transformer on both the input and output sides, it is possible to remove common-mode noise induced in the cable and maintain the original signal quality.


Input / output double limiter

In addition, an independent hyper limiter for each input channel and a master limiter that can be adjusted in three steps on the master side.


8CH mixer for relay broadcasting

●Accessory:AC cable /Rack mount bracket /User’s manual/Warranty

8CH mixer for relay broadcasting
(Without extension connector)●Accessory:AC cable /Rack mount bracket /User’s manual/Warranty



※The image is FS-805. FS-805L does not have an EXT connector.
Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Audio cable
Audio cables
●We will make a special order if you can specify the meter. The period is about 1 to 2 weeks. Some types may not be accepted. Please note