An audio noise reduction device that demonstrates tremendous power in removing noise around the power source at the recording venue

Built-in voice transformer and earth lift circuit

When recording video at a venue such as an event venue, venue noise can often get on the recorded audio,
depending on the power status of the venue and how the audio cable is routed.


This unit is equipped with a ground lift circuit to suppress audio noise propagating through the GND system,
and clear audio recording is possible with noise reduction technology using audio transformers that Protech has cultivated in field mixers.


In addition, this unit can divide canon input or RCA input sound source into two and output them simultaneously to two recorders.
XLR-3 pin output is connected to a conventional recorder with XLR balanced input,
XLR-5 pin output is connected to a camera with XLR-5 pin stereo audio input,
and stereo microphone jack input by connector conversion it is also possible to support recording with.

Equipped with ground lift circuit on both input and output sides

In order to suppress the noise generated in the GND system at event venues, adjustments such as connecting or disconnecting the input and output grounds independently are possible.
An accurate audio circuit can be constructed according to the stuation of the site. (Refer to the instruction manual for details.)


Input terminal: Compatible with Canon (XLR balanced) input and RCA (unbalanced) input

The input corresponds to the line level balance input from the XLR3 pin terminal and the unbalanced input from the RCA pin input.


Output side: Compatible Canon XLR3 pin and XLR5 pin (stereo) output

Each input level can be output (through) as it is, or converted to a mic level with an attenuator and output.
In addition, it is possible to finely adjust the output level with the trim volume, so the output signal level can be adapted to a wide range of recording devices.


By setting the XLR 5 pin output to the mic level and using the optional MC-200, it is compatible with Panasonic AG-HMR10.


Noise eater

●Accessory:User’s manual/Warranty




Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.