Newly developed, aspherical lens dedicated to ultra-bright LEDs

Selectable irradiation lens

By using two types of aspherical lenses for the light, an irradiation angle of 70 ° and 90 ° is realized.
In recent years, video cameras have become wider, and video lights compatible with wide lenses are required.


Compatible with standard wide 70 ° lenses and ultra wide lenses for 90 ° video cameras. Two units of 70 ° and 90 ° irradiation angles are included.

when use wide lens
(Irradiation angle about 70°)

when use super wide lens(Irradiation angle about 90°)

Realizes flat light with little unevenness

Ultra bright 7W LED. In addition, an aspherical (aspherical) lens is used to achieve flat light with little unevenness.


Short-distance shooting is possible with a flexible arm

Light height and angle can be changed easily.
In short-distance shooting with a wide-angle lens, the illumination angle must be considerably lowered,
but this is possible and lighting can be done where the photographer thought.


Twin light emitting part adopted

LED CAMLIGHT has a twin light emission structure.
It has a light emitting part for tungsten light and daylight light,
and succeeded in changing the color temperature without being dimmed by a color temperature filter commonly used in conventional lights.


Color temperature can be adjusted with the light intensity adjustment function

Light intensity can be changed freely with the light intensity adjustment function.


It is possible to take a picture that is dimmed at a short distance coverage, or to remove the shadow.
In addition, the color temperature can be adjusted between tungsten light and daylight using the dimming function.


Main specifications

  • Uses ultra-bright LED
  • Rated voltage: 7-12V
  • Color temperature: Tungsten light, daylight light (at DC12V)
  • Size: Approximately 60W x 78H x 95Dmm
  • Mass: Approximately 280g

LED CAMLIGHT(Cable length 20cm)

●Accessories:2 types of irradiation lens x2/User’s manual/Warranty


LED CAMLIGHT(Cable length 50cm)

●Accessories:2 types of irradiation lens x2/User’s manual/Warranty