A palm-sized, robust and lightweight camlight.
It can be mounted on all types of cameras with a rich product structure.


Accurate wide range of irradiation angles

It is possible to tilt up to about 55 degrees above the optical axis parallel line.
For short-distance shooting, it can be oriented approximately 10 degrees below the parallel axis of the optical axis,
making it easy to correct the optical axis in short-distance shooting, which often causes damage with conventional lights.

2 types of valves with various filter configurations are available

In addition to the standard diffuser (diffuser plate), a super wide diffuser is available.
And more, we prepared two valves according to the sensitivity of the camera.

Lightweight, robust and compact

With the use of aluminum die-cast parts,
it has withstood the hard working environment and realized the toughness required on site
In addition, in order to reduce the added weight when mounted in front of the camera, we realized a weight reduction of about 220 g and a commitment to a compact body as much as possible.
That made it possible to always attach the video light.

Standard daylight filter

A daylight filter is standard equipment. By using a daylight filter, you can get a natural color effect in the daytime indoors.

■No Light
■Only Light
■Daylight filter used



●Accessories:20W valve/User’s manual /Warranty
Equipped with a Canon 4-pin connector on the back of the standard cam light type, it is highly versatile.


On camcorders with DC light terminals (approx. 20 cm directly on the cable)

●Accessories:20W valve/User’s manual /Warranty
Can be directly installed on camcorders with a DC light terminal compatible with cam taps.


On camcorders with DC light terminals (approx. 50 cm directly attached to the cable)

●Accessories:20W valve/User’s manual /Warranty

Can be directly installed on camcorders with a DC light terminal compatible with cam taps.
It can also be installed in other battery holders with DC light terminals. Target model: Integrated camera HL-DV5 / DV7 / DV7W manufactured by Ikegami.


For small camcorders that do not have a DC light terminal

●Accessories:20W valve/User’s manual /Warranty
For small video camcorders such as Sony’s DSR-PD150 / 170 / PDX10, a separate light battery can be set up





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

●Replacement valve for UC-D200 SERIES
Blue filter
●A daylight filter (blue filter) is standard on the UC-D200 series. If you have the previous model UC-200 series, you can install this filter.
Super wide diffuser
●Super wide diffuser.When you need wide lights like 16:9 shooting.
Power adapter
●A power adapter used when power cannot be supplied from the camera. By attaching the NP-1 holder or lithium holder, possible to supply power from the battery to the UC-D200 series.
Power adapter
●Possible to supply power from the cam tap by using it between the camcorder and the battery holder.
Sony V mount supports power adapter
●Possible to supply power to the UC-D200 series from a battery that uses a V mount, such as a lithium ion battery manufactured by Sony. With belt hook.
XLR4 PIN female-Campat cable(15cm/50cm)
Suggested retail price:
●A cable that enables UC-D200 to be used with a camcorder with a cam tap connector.
XLR4 PIN male -XLR4 PIN female carl code1.5m
●Expansion and contraction DC cable for Cannon 4 PIN male -female

Length is 1.5m when its stretched

XLR4 PIN L Type Female -XLR4 cable male(0.5m/3m)
●DC cable for Cannon 4 Pin male -L Type female