Simple function, Low cost, 7 inch HD monitor for broadcast

The tool from the field for the field

It equipped simple and accurate switch arrangement and function.
We aimed to operate the basic function without manual in fields.
It is a monitor for professional that can be intuitively operated, which is invented in fields.


Support high resolution HD-SDI signal, HD componen

It can monitor HD-SDI signal and HD component in high resolution.
It can be used as a viewfinder of a camera or recording master monitor of switcher, monitor for location.


Switching Camera/RETURN images with RETURN switch of zoom remote controller

When separately sold AR-70 connects with HDM-70WV, you can confirm HD-SDI signal from the camera and Return HD-SDI signal from the switcher alternately.


With this function, tha cemera which has HD-SDI signal can perform the same operation as a studio camera, regardless of model.

Embedded audio monitor function/Audio output

It can monitor HD-SDI embedded audio.
It displays 64 levels of 16 channels in real time.
Since it monitors embedded audio in real time, the occurrence that the PEAK HOLD value seems to be higher than average is prevented.


it can output 1/2ch audio in Canon 3P and separate embedded audio, so perform well in broadcasting and video recording.


Monochrome display is possible

It is switchable color mode to monochrome mode in a single operation.


When video recording that lasts for hours, it can record with monochrome display that is easy on the eyes similar to existing viewfinder.

Warning level display with ZEBRA is possible

ZEBRA display is possible.
In addition to percent display setting of ZEBRA display level arbitrary, it can display level warning of upper and lower limits for brightness and color component by clip guide function.


Moreover, it can display overexposure accurately. For example, when it is set upper limit to 85IRE and lower limit to 10IRE of clip guide brightness, it display the parts which is above or below the set value with Red ZEBRA.


BLUE only function (RED only or GREEN only is also possible)

It has BLUE only function which is indispensable for monitor adjustment.
It can adjust monitor accurately.
It can display selecting BLUE only, RED only, or GREEN only.


It can monitor color component signal in real time.
It can set Vectorscope / Waveform display and translucent / opaque display.


It can observe white balance set up of camera and a specific color like skin color.
The function can be stored in the function key in the front part.


Excellent color reproducibility

White balance adjustment in video filming is essential for color expression.
HDM-70WV is designed to uniform color reproducibility of each monitors to reproduce correct color by adopting high precision automatic control system in final adjustment at the time of shipment from the factory.

Brightness (overexposure/underexposure) display in real time

With Waveform function, you can observe brightness level of the video in real time.
Moreover, warning of overexposure/underexposure can be displayed.


BATTERY V MOUNT HD-SDI INPUT supported monitor

●Accessories:Location stand/AC adapter/User’s manual/Warranty




Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Softcase with hood
●Softcase to protect HDF-700/V/70WV from damage. Passible to use as exclusive hood.
●Shading hood
Swing arm to attach with tripod
●Brackets to use monitor attaching between pan head and tripod base.
Rack mount bracket
●Bracket to rack mount HDM-70WV with EIA 4U rack.
Aluminum case

●Aluminum case to store HDF-700/V and accessories.

Return selector switch

●Return selecting switch


USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)
USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)