The HDF-500 is the most advanced featured Viewfinder with high brightness 5-inch LCD panel.

In case of outside production, this amazing brightness is very remarkable features in mobile and robust body, which can help the production crews to check the quality of valuable pictures with its perfect eyesight on this bright LCD screen.

You can select the best model for your application, whether it is high definition or high brightness.


Return video display function with P-in-P function

In case of multi camera shooting, the return video signal is so important for each camera operator to see the program video or the picture of the partner camera.
The main video and the return video can be switched to show on the LCD display from the zoom demand controller inside of HDF viewfinder.
Or the resized return video picture can be overlapped onto the main video pictures as the P-in-P function.

TC Tally Function (PAT)

New TC Tally function . TC tally function born from ideas unique of professional cameraman. The REC tally indicating that the camera has started recording can be displayed on all HDF-500s simply by setting the camera’s TC function to REC RUN and connecting the SDI cable for camera video output to each monitor.

Viewfinder function

Easy to adjust BRIGHT/CONTRAST/PEAKING by numbers. When cameraman adjusts, LED lights when pushing operation encoder on the front panel.

Even if you lost setting status, you can return to the standard with just a single push.
You can also confirm the appropriate judgement of visual level or even focus after shooting.


Easy to select Camera/Return visual by return selector of zoom remote controller

Attaching zoom remote controller (sold separately) to HDF-700, you can confirm HD-SDI signal from camera and return HD-SDI signal from selector alternately.

This function enables the same operation as a studio camera without having to select a model for cameras with HD-SDI signals.

※When this cable is connected, the zoom function and REC function of the camera can be performed with the zoom remote control.

Embedded audio monitor function/Audio output

Possible to monitor HD-SDI embedded audio. Displays 16 channels in 64 steps in real time.
Since the embedded audio is monitored in real time, the PEAK HOLD value does not appear higher than average.


Display Monochrome

Selectable color, monochrome with one touch.
You can easily switch to black/white display for such a long shooting.

The highest color reproduction. Equipped with a measuring instrument function that strongly supports the shooting site

The Vectorscope Waveform is installed, and accurate video adjustments that do not rely solely on intuition are possible in severe shooting situations.

Advanced Zebra function

The Zebra function is also very useful function to adjust the manual iris level of a professional camera.

Over exposure can be accurately displayed. For example, when the upper limit of clip guide brightness is set to 85 IRE and the lower limit is set to 10 IRE, the part that exceeds this setting and the part that does not meet this setting are displayed in red zebra.


Blue only function installed(Red only, Green only as well)

Equipped with a blue-only function essential for monitor adjustment. Accurate monitor adjustment is possible.
Blue-only, red-only, and green-only can be selected and displayed.

Precise measuring instrument function

Color difference signals can be monitored in real time. Vector scope / waveform display and semi-transparent / opaque display on the screen can be set.

It is also possible to observe the camera’s white balance setup or to observe a specific color such as skin color.
This function can be stored in the function keys on the front panel.

Realize high color reproducibility

White balance adjustment at the time of shooting is indispensable to express the color tone.
In order to reproduce accurate colors, the HDF-500 uses a high-precision automatic control system for final adjustment at the time of shipment from the factory, and is designed so that the color reproduction of each monitor is uniform.


Brightness (overexposed / underexposed) can be displayed in real time

Waveform function allows real-time observation of video brightness level.
You can also display warnings for overexposure / underexposure.



5 INCH HD3G Viewfinder/Monitor for recording( V battery shoe installed)

●Accessories : Location stand/AC adaptor/User’s manual/Warranty


5 INCH 3G/HD Viewfinder/Monitor for recording(V battery shoe installed) with studio kit

●Accessories : SK-500/User’s manual/Warranty


5 INCH high brightness view finder field system kit

・Location stand
・Tripod for camera
・VF Tilt arm stay
・CAMTAP power supply cable(1.2m)
・AC adaptor
・Swing arm for tripod
・BNC cable(1m)
・Extension cable for zoom remote controller
・Relay cable for zoom remote controller
・Camera screw (1/4 inch 2 sets)(3/8 inch 2sets)(1/4 inch male screw 1set)
・User’s manual





Note. Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

HDF-500 Studio kit
●For HDF-500, studio mounting bracket(UH-35 sold separately)

HDF-500 Studio kit
●Bracket for mounting accessory shoe to HDF-500(Monitor sold separately)
Long hood for studio kit

●HDF-500 HOOD for outdoor use. Can be mounted with SK-500.

Rack mount bracket(2 units at maximum)
●For rack mounting EIA4U rack to HDF-500.
Swing arm for tripod STF-100

●For using monitor mounting between tripod and base.

Return selector button AR-70


USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)




USER’S MANUAL(Coming soon)
USER’S MANUAL (Coming soon)